Beyond Clichés – German and International Students in Intercultural Exchange – Wintersemester 2018/2019

Lehrveranstaltung des International Office of Faculty 02

Beyond Clichés – German and International Students in Intercultural Exchange

E. Rana und weitere Lehrende, Fr, 10:00–14:00, R 02-751, Georg-Forster-Gebäude, J.-Welder-Weg 12

In this course you are sensitized to pitfalls lurking when encountering different cultures, are en­abled to actively shape your own presence in international contexts and to engage successfully in intercultural situations
The course will take place weekly. In three block sessions taught by Ellen Rana, a professional inter­cultural trainer and academic from Koblenz University of Applied Sciences, you get an insight into the basic concepts and theories of inter­cultural communication. You will apply this know­ledge to your own intercultural experiences throughout the semester by realising a video pro­ject in intercultural teams. Thus, other sessions will consist of workshops about video production and tutorial sessions with hands-on assignments for the video teams.

Course work:
The course work consists of keeping a learning jour­nal to reflect on your own intercultural ex­periences in Mainz, of teaming up with other Ger­man and international participants to create a short video based on these experiences and re­flections, and of finally writing your own critical reflection on the finished videos.
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